Annual / Biennial Reports

Coastal Hazards & Legacy Oil & Gas Well Removal & Remediation Program annual progress reports

SB 44 (Jackson) requires the Commission to submit a report to the Legislature by January 1 of each year, until 2026, on the activities and accomplishments of the program for the prior year. Below are links to those reports.

Kapiloff Land Bank annual reports

Below are links to the Kapiloff Land Bank annual reports.

Marine Invasive Species Program biennial reports & Treatment Technology reports

Below are links to the biennial reports on the California Marine Invasive Species Program.

Below are links to the Treatment Technology: Assessments of the Efficacy, Availability and Environmental Impacts of Ballast Water Treatment Technologies for Use in California Waters reports & updates.

School Lands annual reports

Below are links to the School Lands annual reports.

State Leadership Accountability Act biennial reports

The State Leadership Accountability Act requires biennial reports on the review of our internal control and monitoring systems. Below are links to our reports. For more information visit the Department of Finance's State Leadership Accountability Act web page.


Available by request from the Mineral Resources Management Division.

Nazee Heda, Associate Mineral Resources Engineer

Reports: 1953 to present

The following reports were created by Commission staff (unless otherwise indicated) to provide information to the Commission and the public. Like all reports, they are based on information available at the time of their development and may or may not be reflective of current information. Where applicable staff reports and Commission action taken are reachable at links provided.

Peer-reviewed Journal Publications

The Marine Invasive Species program published its third peer-reviewed scientific journal article this year. The article, published in the Journal Frontiers in Marine Science through a collaboration with the University of Maryland, New Zealand EPA, and Safinah Group in the UK, focused on biofouling and the environmental consequences of cleaning ships while in the water.

Port Readiness Plan

The AB 525 Port Readiness Plan, published by the State Lands Commission, assesses the necessary investments in California ports to support offshore wind energy activities, including construction, assembly, and operations and maintenance.

Workforce Development Readiness Plan

The purpose of the AB 525 Workforce Development Readiness Plan, published by the State Lands Commission, is to recommend workforce development efforts ahead of the necessary seaport investments and activities identified in the Port Readiness Plan.


A brief history of the office, as well as a short biography, photos, and the annual reports from each Surveyor-General, documenting some of the activities and observations of the Surveyors-General and recording the early geographical development of the new state.

Read more about the Surveyors-General of California