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Well re-abandonment complete offshore Summerland Beach

Last month, the Commission, using a barge, divers, and other equipment, successfully capped two leaking legacy wells offshore Summerland Beach in Santa Barbara County. The work, which required permits from multiple state and federal agencies, including CalGem and the California Coastal Commission, went smoothly and was completed on schedule.

Public Notice – Temporary Use of Lookout Park Parking Lot & Beach Area

UPDATE: On November 29, 2020, the Commission and InterAct PMTI completed the re-abandonments of the Treadwell #10 and NorthStar #815 and wells using a barge, divers, and heavy equipment. This re-abandonment work was an essential part of the Commission’s efforts to permanently stop the hydrocarbon source from leaking into surrounding waters and onto the beach. The work was conducted from a derrick barge and a dive vessel anchored nearby.

Becker Well Re-Abandonment Summary

The Becker #1 well, located on Summerland Beach in Santa Barbara County, first made history in the 1890’s when it was one of the first offshore wells drilled in the U.S. and is once again making history as one of the first of these vintage offshore wells to be...