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Meeting Date Item NAME WO LSE_TYPE Improvements Location PRC_Number Non_PRC County Lease_Status
2020-10-2214Tahoma Meadows Property Owner's Association, Inc.W 26928 / A2677GL-Recthree mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 6660 West Lake Boulevard, near Tahoma9641PlacerInitialization
2020-10-2216Lake Tahoe Vista LLCA2346GL-Recpier, boat lift, and two mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 6123 North Lake Boulevard, near Tahoe Vista6924PlacerTermination and New Lease
2020-10-2230Julie MaccarinA2696GL-Recboat dock, two pilings, walkway, and rampCorte Madera Creek, adjacent to 52 Greenbrae Boardwalk, Greenbrae9284MarinTermination and New Lease
2020-08-2037Vincent Coburn and Susan CoburnGL-Rec&PSconcrete patio with aluminum railing and a fire pit, concrete stairway with aluminum railing and electrical lighting appurtenances, two planter areas with stacked concrete block retaining walls and electrical lighting appurtenances, and riprap bankline; and floating boat dock, floating walkway, and access rampColorado River, adjacent to 1198 Beach Drive, Needles9210San BernardinoAmendment
2020-06-2313Christopher H. Legallet and Marie Legallet, TrusteesA2370GL-Recpier, boat lift, ramp, and catwalk, one mooring buoy and a freshwater intake pipelineLake Tahoe, adjacent to 6956 Pomin Avenue, near Tahoma9295PlacerAmendment
2020-06-2315Brian C. McCosker and Jacqueline S. McCoskerA2203GL-Recpier and two mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 3051 Jameson Beach Road, near South Lake Tahoe8792El DoradoRenewal
2020-04-2904David Burkhart and Carol BurkhartA2121GL-Recboat dock with gangway, pier, covered berth, and three storage areasPetaluma River, adjacent to 5640 Lakeville Highway, near Petaluma5692.1SonomaRenewal
2020-04-2915Thomas Kessler McManus, Jr., and Janet Moore McManusA2264GL-Recone mooring buoyLake Tahoe, adjacent to 3087 Jameson Beach Road, near South Lake Tahoe7992.1El DoradoRenewal
2020-04-2923John William Stannard, Sr., and Cathy J. Stannard, TrusteesA2381GL-Rectwo mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 3795 Belleview Avenue, near Homewood6925.1PlacerRenewal
2020-04-2958U.S. Bureau of ReclamationA2393GL-PAconstruction, operation, maintenance, and monitoring of open backwater, wetland and upland habitat, and ancillary structures; post and cable fencehistoric bed of the Colorado River, Moabi Regional Park, near NeedlesPRC 9239.9San BernardinoAmendment