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Meeting Date Item NAME WO LSE_TYPE Improvements Location PRC_Number Non_PRC County Lease_Status
2020-10-224Philip D. Chapman and Sarah D. Chapman, TrusteesA2339GL-Recpier, boat house with boat lift, sundeck with stairs, and two mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 3890 North Lake Boulevard, near Carnelian Bay3674PlacerRenewal
2020-10-227Christian P. Erdman; and Carol Franc Buck, as TrusteeA2676GL-Recone mooring buoyLake Tahoe, adjacent to and offshore of an upland property located within the State of Nevada known as 53 Somers Loop, Crystal Bay, Washoe County and immediately adjacent to the State line9047PlacerQuitclaim Deed and Termination
2020-10-2214Tahoma Meadows Property Owner's Association, Inc.W 26928 / A2677GL-Recthree mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 6660 West Lake Boulevard, near Tahoma9641PlacerInitialization
2020-08-2016Randolph K. Yackzan and Lynne U. Yackzan, Trustees; and Unger Enterprises LP, a California Limited PartnershipA2415GL-Recpier, boathouse, and boat hoistLake Tahoe, near 4330 North Lake Boulevard, near Carnelian Bay5267PlacerRenewal
2020-06-23036M, LLC, a Washington limited liability companyA2367GL-Recpier, boathouse, boat hoist, sundeck with stairs and two mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 4480 North Lake Boulevard, near Carnelian Bay4857PlacerTermination and New Lease
2020-04-2940Sacramento Waldorf School Association, Inc.A2159GL-PSbank protectionAmerican River, adjacent to 3750 Bannister Road, Fair Oaks6728.9SacramentoRenewal
2020-04-2967ORNI 5, LLCA2269Geophysical Exploration Permitschool or lieu land (owned in fee), State Reserved Mineral Interest land, and Department of Parks and Recreation fee-owned land; APNs: 017-340-011, 017-340-018, 017-340-010, 017-340-003, 017-010-048, 017-970-014, 017-340-004, 017-010-016, 017-010-0569623.9ImperialLease Initialization
2020-02-2827Eddie Albert Sanchez and Tammy Lee SanchezA2293GL-Rec&PSboat dock with boat lift, walkway, three pilings, a two-pile dolphin, a double personal watercraft ramp, one float, and bank protectionSacramento River, adjacent to 4229 Garden Highway, near Sacramento6670.1SacramentoNew Lease
2020-02-2847Geysers Power Company, LLCGL-R/Wone 12-inch-diameter above-ground steam pipeline and an unimproved access roadState indemnity school land in a portion of Section 6, T11N R8W, MDM, east of CloverdalePRC 6793.2LakeRent Review
2019-12-0614City of LarkspurA2183GL-PAboat dock, gangway, transition plate, anchor cables, and appurtenant facilitiesCorte Madera Creek, adjacent to 50 Drakes Landing Road, Greenbrae7667.9MarinNew Lease