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Meeting Date Item NAME WO LSE_TYPE Improvements Location PRC_Number Non_PRC County Lease_Status
2020-10-2220California Resources Petroleum CorporationGL-R/W8-inch diameter high pressure natural gas pipeline and access roadTomato Slough at Brannan Island, near Rio Vista8485SacramentoRent Review
2020-10-2226Terminous Road, LLC, a California Limited Liability CompanyGL-Recuncovered floating three-berth boat dock, gazebo, pumphouse, boat lift, gangway, five pilings, debris diverter and utility conduitsGeorgiana Slough, adjacent to 16925 Terminous Road, near Isleton8489SacramentoTermination and New Lease
2020-08-2014Tahoe LLC, a South Dakota Limited Liability CompanyA2362GL-Recpier and two mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 6820 West Lake Boulevard, near Tahoma3548PlacerNew Lease
2020-08-2048Santa Catalina Island CompanyA2314GL-ComLease: concrete ramp; Sublease: boat storage/repair facilityPacific Ocean, near Pebbly Beach, Santa Catalina Island7332Los AngelesAmendment
2020-08-2050U.S. Department of the NavyA2488GL-PASilver Strand Training Complex Northalong Silver Strand State Beach, near Coronado6319San DiegoRenewal
2020-06-23036M, LLC, a Washington limited liability companyA2367GL-Recpier, boathouse, boat hoist, sundeck with stairs and two mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 4480 North Lake Boulevard, near Carnelian Bay4857PlacerTermination and New Lease
2020-06-2348Stephen W. Prochnow and Karen E. Prochnow as Co-TrusteesGL-Recboat dock, access ramp, and cantilevered deckMidway Channel of Huntington Harbour, adjacent to 3472 Gilbert Drive, Huntington Beach3252OrangeNew Lease
2020-04-2905CSLC and River One, LLCI1448Amend agreement to extinguish a public access easement in exchange for a deposit into the Kapiloff Land Bank Fundin the Sacramento River, near Tower Bridge, West SacramentoAD 81Yolo
2020-04-2906Johnson L. Chiao and Diana W. Chiao, TrusteesA2374GL-Recpier and two mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 3870 North Lake Boulevard, Carnelian Bay4248.1PlacerQuitclaim Deed and New Lease
2020-04-2931Christine M. HuttingerA2489GL-Reccovered boat dock with lift, ramp, gangway, swim ladder, six pilings, and seasonal swim areaGeorgiana Slough, adjacent to 14700 Andrus Island Road, near Isleton7977.1SacramentoRenewal