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Meeting Date Item NAME WO LSE_TYPE Improvements Location PRC_Number Non_PRC County Lease_Status
2020-10-2216Lake Tahoe Vista LLCA2346GL-Recpier, boat lift, and two mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 6123 North Lake Boulevard, near Tahoe Vista6924PlacerTermination and New Lease
2020-10-2232James Thorpe White and Jennie Darsie White, Trustee of The River House TrustA2646GL-Rec&PSboat dock with slip, gangway, electrical and water conduits, six pilings, and bank protectionSan Joaquin River, adjacent to 18650 Sherman Island East Levee Road, Rio Vista8907SacramentoRenewal
2020-10-2240The Regents of University of California San DiegoGL-PAtwo laser strainmeter facilities, one overhead 3 kW (kilowatt) power line, and an unimproved dirt roadState indemnity school land in a portion of Section 4, T11S R10E, SBM, near Salton City8646ImperialRent Review
2020-08-2020California Department of TransportationA2537PA Pmt & 101.5 R/W MapbridgeTolay Creek at Highway 37, adjacent to 4100 Sears Point Road, near Sonoma4625SonomaRenewal
2020-08-2024East Bay Municipal Utility DistrictA2460GL-PAtwo conduits attached to a pedestrian bridge, one for electrical power and one for telephone service, used for data collection from the Woodbridge Irrigation Dam Gauging StationMokelumne River, adjacent to 800 East Woodbridge Road, Woodbridge7452San JoaquinRenewal
2020-08-2029OLS Holding, LLCA2414GL-PSbank protectionSacramento River, adjacent to 5311 Garden Highway, near Sacramento4655SacramentoNew Lease
2020-08-2046Turtle Cove Marina, LLC dba Pirate Cove Resort & Marina, LLCA2325GL-ComColorado River, near Needles3321San BernardinoTermination and New Lease
2020-06-2329Mark E. Morais and Linda S. Morais, Trustees, or their successors in interestA2546GL-Otheraccommodation dock, and appurtenant facilitiesNorth Mokelumne River, adjacent to 14743 Walnut Grove-Thornton Road, Walnut Grove9628SacramentoInitialized
2020-06-2346Paradise Cove Land Company, LLCGL-Comcommercial and recreational pierPacific Ocean, at Paradise Cove, Malibu391Los AngelesNew Lease
2020-06-2356Che Sheng Chao and Wei Yuan Chao; Keith Kai Tsu and Carmelita Ko; Burk H. Chung and Mary A.L. Chung; Charles Nip and Patricia Nip; Raymond K. Li and Chi F. Li; and Kwok Hung Szeto and Nikki SzetoGL-Comamendment to defer rent due to impacts from Covid-19; for commercial parking lotSan Francisco Bay in Burlingame4683San MateoAmendment