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Meeting Date Item NAME WO LSE_TYPE Improvements Location PRC_Number Non_PRC County Lease_Status
2019-08-2345Cayucos Sanitary DistrictA2103GL-PAInstallation, use, and maintenance of a 12-inch-diameter nominal high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipeline within an existing 20-inch-diameter pipeline casing and installation of a 200-foot-long diffuser pipeline at the offshore end of the HDPE pipeline for a new wastewater outfall.Pacific Ocean, at Estero Bay, near the city of Morro Bay9576.9San Luis ObispoInitialized
2019-06-28103CSLCUpdate on AB 691 (2013, Muratsuchi); State Granted Trust Lands and Sea-Level RiseStatewideInformational
2018-10-18EO RptJeffrey S. and Barbara A. Hines, TrusteesGL-Recuncovered single-berth floating boat dock, gangway, and three pilingsSacramento River, adjacent to 10451 Garden Highway, near VeronaPRC 6103SutterRent Continuation
2018-08-23C62Gregory D. Nacco and Julianne Nacco, TrusteesCorte Madera Creek, adjacent to 30 Boardwalk One, LarkspurW 27103portion of residence, deck, floating boat dock, pilings and walkwayGL-Res+RecPRC 9483MarinInitialized
2018-08-23C103California State Lands CommissionW 27088Request authority for EO to solicit proposals for consultant services, negotiate a fair and reasonable price, and award and execute an agreement for preparation of a Lake Tahoe Rent Methodology StudyEl Dorado Placer
2018-04-19103CSLCW 27109Informational report to overhaul the Commission's environmental justice policyStatewide
2015-12-18C103El Why Square, LLCGL-PStwo concrete-grouted rock revetment shoreline protective structuresPacific Ocean, adjacent to 3168 17 Mile Drive, near Pebble Beach and Cypress PointPRC 7344MontereyQuitclaim Deed
2015-04-23C103Geysers Power Company, LLCGL-R/W30-inch diameter, 1,700 ft. long non-potable water pipelineschool lands near the city of HealdsburgPRC 8337SonomaRent Review
2015-02-20103CSLCOppose federal legislation to preempt states' authority to address vessel discharges and eliminate the long-standing ability of states to protect their waters from invasive species introductions (SB 373, Rubio)Statewide